I saw you the other day standing on the edge of the
in the very mists of splendour as the sun went down
beckoning in the dark night
I stood and watched and wrapped my coat around
it was getting cold and the darkness in my heart
called out for you standing on the edge of the pier
Looking at you my mind rejoiced
the darkness
recoiled and my heart flared for an instant as West flew
a flock of birds through
the wind

In my solitude I stand at the edge of the pier and watch
the red rose float by in the water
the sun almost down I wait for you
The thin clouds towards the horizon gives a palette of
and in my mind I choose your favourite colour and I paint you
standing on the edge of the pier
You didn’t come that night onto the pier to stare at the foreboding
dark waters
to watch the bird swoop
dive and catch the morsel only to fly high deep into the sky again
So I leave the pier with my arms wrapped around me
I’m cold
and I pass people on both sides as I am wondering where you are

I walk the streets but they are unforgiving
and I want you and I’m crying out without you
but there are no answers
I shall be with my Angel tomorrow

I’m at the edge of the pier again and I see you there in front of
calling me and showing me the way
You’re off the edge of the pier
I hold out my arms but your falling
endlessly falling and I’m calling your name
as you drown sinking into the depths your love goes with

Tonight I’m crying at the edge of the pier
the sun went down a long time ago
just like my dreams
just like you
Someone is standing next to me and I ask
‘Did you see that girl the other day?’
and you say, ‘She’s drowned,’ and to yourself
‘a sweet Angel’
I watch the water and its getting nearer and the splash is cold
but I don’t wear my coat tonight
Here I am and my Angel brings me down
Down to our dreams we swim



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