even the name prompts a deep muse
deep breath and your torso expands
softly you blow your cheek out like a bruise

what to do with your mind then
like a deep blue sky blotted with
pure white clouds in the expanse of a glen

the broad scenery surrounds you
much traversed from far ashore
limbs are tired and feet are sore

melancholy through to the bone
like an inane sense of folly
a long, long way from home


stopping on your way deep in thought
where does one go from here?
your ideals and your hopes have all been bought

in time everyone wonders if they are lost
and can it be that we are or does this
world deceive? in the distance the mountains are capped with frost

walking you feel softly in your breast
the flutter of a temperate heart
it imbues your melancholy with a rhetorical tart

that your mind rejoices at the inherent emotion
which must lead to a voice of nature
within you that at once fatigues you like a potion


back you sink into the numbing sphere
of melancholy feelings
it leads your mind to fear

the dormant motion that resides inside you
like an immense weight drops
that forces you to sink down too

but one must fight such expressions
to force with all your might
to rise heaven-wards that you might express

so what is melancholy to a wandering
spirit such as yourself with no hierarchy?
we must all swim in a sea of anarchy


No but that isn’t the way of a real melancholy
because a person finds it hard
to focus in on a wandering mind
a mind that drifts so and you are melancholy
because there is no substance to fill in the pictures

Melancholy is a puzzle it has no rhyme
the poet looks for this
creates a style from the natural forms
around and maybe it has no rhyme
but it is for the reader to enjoy because
the poet is melancholy
the poet is bored


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